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I still have no oven so very awkward but things are good. I have been eating out a lot but go with the healhier options and restricted carbs. I am just looking at these 2 weeks as a minor obstacle and once things are sorted it will be smooth sailing I still don't have the internet either but using another computer so can post this.

Yesterday I trained calves, back and tri-ceps for approx 2 hours and it felt great. The workout was mainly back and I performed a variety of rows and pulldowns. I managed to get 7 rows with 5 plates a side on hammer rows so my strength is slightly down from a few months ago but still ok. I mainly kept the weight moderate for most movements but for machine rows and pulldowns everything was high but controlled. I was out all day so actually dosed my synthetine and syntheselen post workout for a change. I dosed both before having chicken and rice with an iced tea drink.

I am travelling to the UK for a few days but will be training over there. Unfortunately I can't take any of my synthetek products or aas as I only have hand luggage. Once I am back I will be hitting everything full on and really trying to transform my physique over the 2 months. My next workout should be chest and bi-ceps but I may add in a few machines I don't have over here as I will be in a new gym. Have a good day everyone.
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