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I am back from my trip to the UK. Not gonna lie I am nowhere where I want to be. But will be transforming over the last 2 months. Life has been chaotic with lots of changes etc. The oven has still not been delivered so I brought a cooked chicken earlier and been eating that with salad and some nut bread. My diet will be perfect for the next 2 months and I plan to stay here so no travelling or changes so I can stick to a set routine.

I have tren e so I am gonna bump up the dose to 200mg per week and inject it 1/2ml twice weekly. I may even double it to 400mg the week after next due to time remaining etc. I have been using 50mg adrol and 20mg dbol per day but will make sure it is 40mg dbol from now on. I will also bump up my test to 750mg per week but plan to stop that at 3 weeks out.

I am waiting on some synthepure to arrive and I will buy a new nutribullet so I can start my fruit smoothies again. I feel so much healthier when using them and they are a great and easy way to make sure I get my protein and anti-oxidants in. I also want to buy an exercise bike soon for morning cardio too. Literally it is full steam a head now and loads of training and cardio.

Synthetine and syntheselen will be restarted at 6ml each per day from 2moro too. Customs sent my needles back as they are idiots but once I have them I will be starting my syntherol cycle.

One of the first things I done when getting back was have a big sip from my synthergine bottle. This newer bottle tastes different. It tastes finer and more watery than my older bottles. I don't mind the taste as I know all the good it does for my body.

When I trained on Sat it was mainly machines and lots of upper body with calves for 1 hour. I like to make use of machines I don't have here when in the UK. Therefore I concentrated on seated calf raise, machine pullovers, reverse pec deck, wide grip back row (unique feel to it) and cable crossovers.

The day I left when I was packing my suitcase my back decided to go which was annoying. It wasn't majorly bad but it's been sore all weekend so I used ibuprofen to help with the inflammation. I have been doing a lot of back extensions and rope ab crunches so that will be thanks to those. It feels ok now so I know just to be careful in certain positions.

2moro will be legs and I look forward to it. I will include hip and glute work and keep it fast paced and not go overboard with the weight. Pre workout will be 3ml synthetine/syntheselen, 50mg adrol and 20mg dbol. I bought flex magazine to read on the plane and it come with a Warrior pre workout so I will try that 2moro too.
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