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My back was feeling tight yesterday so I decided just to do cardio and lots of stretching which I think is the first time I have ever been to the gym and not lifted weights. I performed a movement to stretch my psoas muscle I should be doing all the time but have been guilty of stopping. I will start doing it everyday from now on. I would try and post a video but can't as I have limited internet usage at the moment and videos/you-tube are no good. I sit on a mat and roll up a towel or use a foam roller and put it behind me. I bend my legs but have my feet planted on the floor. I am sat up and I basically just have to move my back slowly down until my upper back touches (gently) the towel/roller and I move back up again. The further you put the towel/roller back on the mat the harder it is. This movement is very hard to perform and I recommend it to everyone... weak back or not. My back was so weak I could barely perform the movement when I first tried last year. I am also going to buy a rumble roller and start using that on my lower back everyday. I just want to keep my lower back injury free.

Gonna eat now and get ready for the gym. I am training with my gf today and trying out a new gym so I hope they have some good leg machines. I will take 3ml synthetine/syntheselen and 50mg adrol 20mg dbol pre workout today. I am feeling good and my back is much looser today so things should be good.

Just adding I am probably having 3 nespresso's per day now just to keep fat burning high and give me lots of energy. The tren is definitely kicking in as I was in a shop yesterday and the sweat started. It's really bad as I will get home and the t-shirt I have on under my jacket is soaked through and it isn't even hot outside
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