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I just trained legs in a new gym. It's the same company just in a new location. Therefore all of the equipment was the same but it wasn't as big as my other gym. Most of the gyms have one or 2 unique pieces of equipment but this one didn't and just had the basic leg machines. It's only a 5 min walk from my new apartment so I will probably train there most days from now on. My leg training looked like:

Leg Extensions... warm up sets with 10kg on the stack.
Horizontal Leg Press Calf Raises... about 6 sets of 15 reps going up in weight each set.
Leg Press Calf Presses... about 10 sets of 30 to 12 reps with 3-6 plates a side and minimal rest in between sets. In the 20-30 secs between sets I would stretch my calves.
DB Tibialis Raises on a flat bench... 14kg db for 50 reps, 24kg db for 40 reps and 36kg db to failure (didn't count but over 30 reps).
Standing Hamstring Curls using Leg Extension Machine... 3 sets on each side for 20-15 reps with static holds.
Seated Leg Curls (leaning forwards) supersetted with sumo stance ley press pushing with heels... 3 sets of 15 reps for each going up in weight every set.
Hip Abductor... 4 sets of 25 to 15 reps going up in weight every set and minimal rest (10-15 secs between sets).
Hip Adductor... 5 sets of 25 to 15 reps going up in weight every set and minimal rest (10-15 secs between sets).
Leg Extensions... about 7 sets of 15 reps using low-moderate weight and changing rep speeds and using static holds etc. Minimal rest between sets.
Leg Press... about 8 sets of 15 slow and controlled reps using different foot positions (all low but using feet together, duck feet, medium stance and wide apart). I only used 4 plates a side but this was a killer as rest between all sets was 10-15 secs.
DB squats... 3 sets of 15 reps going up in weight. On the last set I dropped the db and performed bodyweight squats to complete failure.
Then I done some leg and back stretches and decided to do a little abs.

About 62 sets total for legs with lots of added stretches and ab work in about 2 hours.

My legs are sore now but I feel great. I bought a microwave before so that will be useful until the oven is delivered. I can now cook oats in the morning and do steamed rice and vegetables etc. Obviously when I get the oven the microwave will barely be used. It's good to see my new apartment filling up gradually though.

2moro I am thinking shoulders, arms and cardio and I can't wait. I am going to push my body to it's limits over the next 2 months

I am hoping to start my syntherol cycle in about 1 weeks time and I will provide pics and any useful info I come across during my cycle.
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