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My legs are sore today Things are good and I am looking forward to training 2moro. I am going to incorporate lots of drops sets into my shoulder and arm training. I had more carbs today in the form of 2 bowls of oats (with banana), bifidus yoghurt and some mandarins and pineapple. As I have no oven yet I bought a chicken salad and was starving. I dropped the whole thing on the kitchen floor. I wouldn't usually but there was no way I was not eating it so put it all back in and devoured it I have just drank 1 scoop of aminos in 1.5 litres of water. My last meal will just be a protein shake with a handful of cashews.

I started developing some acne last month but it seems to have disappeared. I had already ordered accutane and received so will be running it at 20mg per day just to make sure. I have suffered from acne on my back in recent years using less gear than I used to when I was acne free. The 20mg should do wonders for me. I started using it a few nights ago and I wake up feeling awful for a short time. I have used it before but that side effect is new to me. I will be upping my synthergine dose to 5ml per day (2.5ml x2) to compensate for the 50mg adrol, 40mg dbol and 20mg accutane.
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