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I have managed to sort out a good exercise bike online and it was free delivery so I am happy. It has a max weight of 130kg and gets great reviews so I will be implementing morning fasted cardio as soon as I have it. I managed to do a one stop shop and also bought a 7.5kg db, rumble roller and new training gloves. The db was expensive so I just bought one and will do something like 50 reps each arm rotating for 150 reps (3 sets) each side. I will implementing the arm training everynight and the morning cardio probably 3-6 days per week.

When I have everything my new morning routine will be wake up, take 3IU slin and 6.25mg MK-677. Then take 3ml synthetine and 3ml syntheselen and drink a nespresso before doing fasted cardio
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