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On Sat I trained chest and back for about 1 hour. It was very fast paced and I mainly stuck to machines and had a great workout. I did have a minor issue on the incline barbell press. I was stupid and should have changed the seat position as it was awkward getting the bar back on. I put the right side on the top hook but missed the left side so struggled for a few seconds but got it back up. I won't be making that mistake again and good thing I only had 2 plates a side on the bar. I ended with floor presses which are a new fav for me.

On Sunday I trained calves, rear delts, bi-ceps and forearms. I was rushed for time but wanted to get a workout in. Calves were 10 sets total and 5 sets to failure (approx 30 reps). Rear delts some incline bench db rear delt flyes going up to 18kg db's for high reps. Plus one of my favs using the lateral raise machine backwards. I put the top of my head on the back rest and use my elbows on the pads and it's a great rear delt exercise. That was about 5 sets of 20 to 10 reps going heavy for the lower rep sets. Bi-ceps and forearms was a fast paced mix of cable curls, rope hammer curls, behind the back wrist curls and reverse curls.

Today was a rest day and catching up with various things. I have started adding in canned tuna as it's a cheap source of protein over here (very rare to get things cheap). I have had 2 meals of tuna with lots of salad today. Each one with a very small piece of high fibre bread. I am going to start having 2 tuna meals per day just to keep things a bit cheaper. 2 other meals will be chicken and salad/rice/pasta/bread. Plus an oat meal with flavoured whey protein. Maybe 2 synthepure meals too... either with berries/pineapple (in a smoothie) or with a tablespoon of cashew/almond butter.

2moro will be abs, hams and quads and some cardio and I am looking forward to it
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